This Nearly 14% Dividend Stock Pays Monthly... Is It A Buy?

As of the making of this video it still doesn’t look like we’re done going through all of this market turbulence we’ve been experience for more than a month at this point. With talks about the feds raising interest rates as well as tensions going on in Ukraine it’s continued to spook the stock market across pretty much every sector for more than a month now. But any time a situation like this happens it always leads to a great opportunity to buy more shares of dependable, high quality dividend paying stocks at a discount. I never hope for things like economic recessions, because even though we as dividend investors have a lot to gain from the dramatic share price drops in our favorite dividend stocks, recessions always lead to harder economic times. People lose their jobs forcing them and their families into poverty, retirees living off their 401k’s will all of a sudden have less money while the markets falling, some people may lose so much in their retirement accounts that they have to put off retirement for several years or even permanently like what happened during the 2008 financial crisis and so on. With that being said, since our ultimate goal is to be able to retire and live off of dividend income as early in life as possible, dramatic drops in a stocks share price means we can buy even more shares if we have some cash on hand, and thus being closer to achieving this goal. But there’s stock in particular I wanna discuss today that’s pretty popular with viewers on my channel. I see a lot of people leave comments saying how much they love this stock, and given all the market chaos going on it now yields over 13.5% and pays dividends on a monthly basis. With such a good yield I think it’s worth asking is this a good dividend stock to invest in?